"You went out of your way to help me

and you drove a long way to represent me.

You are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Thank you again!!!"

     As a small business dealing with a legal matter, it is important to have an experienced, business-savvy attorney who understands your operational needs and cares as much as you do about protecting your bottom line.

     Located in Los Angeles, California, Van Antwerp Law Firm can serve as your general counsel, as we do for other small businesses and "mom & pop shops" throughout Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of experience providing clients with straightforward advice and aggressive defense services focused on minimizing exposure, eliminating unnecessary costs and helping our clients succeed in the marketplace.

     We assist clients with a full complement of business-related needs, including ADA claims, wage and hour disputes and workers' compensation claims.

     Contact us to discuss your questions, concerns and options with a skilled Los Angeles small business lawyer. Phone consultations are available.